How to Volunteer at the Humane Society

how to volunteer at the humane society

There are several ways to volunteer at the humane society. There are various positions available, including behavior helpline volunteers and on-site volunteers. You will need to be willing to follow protocol and procedures to ensure the welfare of the animals. HSNEGA staff members will be available to provide assistance, but you will also be expected to work without direct supervision.

Procedures and protocols for volunteering at the humane society

To be considered for a volunteer role at the humane society, you need to know the rules and procedures of the shelter. These policies require thorough reading and remembering of details. You also need to be able to carry out all your responsibilities without assistance or supervision. Depending on the role, you may have to lift a certain amount of weight or stand or walk for long hours. Also, you must be at least 18 years old.

Onsite volunteer shadowing with current volunteers and staff

The Volunteer Office does not provide opportunities for on-site volunteer shadowing. Instead, students must apply for a shadowing program from a faculty member or approved staff sponsor. After completing the application process, students will receive instructions on how to complete the required clearances and get a shadowing shift. Students interested in shadowing should contact the UCLA Health Sciences Volunteer Office for additional information.

The Humane Society of the United States is a Service Enterprise certified organization. This designation signifies that the organization is among the best in the country at managing volunteers. As such, it provides a high level of training and management expertise. This means that students can expect to be exposed to an array of tasks and responsibilities, from handling animals to training volunteers.

Onsite volunteer positions

Onsite volunteer positions at the humane society require a wide range of skills, knowledge and abilities. Volunteers need to have the ability to read and follow detailed instructions, be able to work independently and be able to communicate with others. They must also be physically fit to complete the volunteer duties assigned to them. These positions can require a large amount of walking and standing. They may also require heavy lifting.

Some examples of on-site volunteer positions at the humane society include working with animals in the shelter. Some positions involve working with small animals, such as dogs and cats. Other tasks may include cleaning and maintaining the shelter. Others may focus on promoting the adoption process. For example, some volunteer positions focus on taking photographs of adoptable pets and posting them on social media. These images often provide a first impression of the animal to potential adopters.

Some positions at the humane society are ideal for young people looking to make a difference in their community. Youth volunteers can become involved with the Web Warriors program, which encourages young people to learn about animal welfare issues. Likewise, a position in the Junior Crafting Crew engages youth groups in creating enrichment projects for shelter animals.

Volunteers can also help improve the lives of the shelter’s dogs by participating in their Behavior Program and working with animal care staff to provide crucial care. Some volunteers may even be given their own dog after completing an evaluation. Onsite volunteers help the shelter clean, feed and socialize animals.

Youth can also become volunteers through the Humane Society of Manatee County. Youth need to be between the ages of 14 and 17 years old to participate in this program. In addition to attending New Volunteer Orientation, a parent or guardian must accompany the youth during their volunteer shift.

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