How to Volunteer at Children’s Hospital

how to volunteer at childrens hospital

Child Life

There are several ways to volunteer at a children’s hospital. For example, you can work in the emergency department, where you can provide emotional support to children and their families. You can also serve as a liaison between parents and the clinical staff. You must be mature and be able to deal with the stress that parents go through.

Another way to volunteer at a children’s hospital is to help out in the Child Life Department. Child Life specialists help make the hospital environment happy for the children. This department provides music and other resources that reduce stress and anxiety for children during their stay. Volunteers may apply through the Johns Hopkins Hospital Department of Volunteer Services.

If you have a background in child development, you might be interested in working with children at a children’s hospital. You could play with the children in waiting rooms, help families navigate the hospital, or help other staff members. In addition, child life volunteers may also work in offices throughout the medical center, providing assistance to staff. They can help with errands and photocopy information, as well as filing and delivering materials to different clinical areas. Another option is to read stories to children who are receiving care in the emergency department.

Creative Arts Therapy

Volunteering for Creative Arts Therapy at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) offers the chance to work with kids and their families while receiving hands-on training. The hospital’s art therapists work closely with child life specialists and the medical team. They use mobile art carts to visit patients at the hospital’s bedside or playrooms, or meet with patients individually.

Volunteering for Creative Arts Therapy at children’s hospitals can offer both therapeutic and social support for patients and their families. Creative Arts Therapists help children and their families to express themselves through art, music, or writing. These activities can help patients and families relax and cope with the stress of hospitalization.

Creative Arts Therapy can help children of all ages deal with stressful situations related to illness or surgery. It can help them release their feelings through art, music, dance, or yoga, and is a great way for kids to express themselves. The hospital’s Ponzio Creative Arts Therapy Program was started by a generous donation by Craig Ponzio. It includes masters-level art and music therapists, dedicated studio spaces, and exhibition galleries.

The Faris Foundation supports the Mount Sinai Creative Arts Therapy Fellowship. This fellowship provides therapy to children who are undergoing cancer treatment. It also supports Creative Arts Week, an annual celebration of the arts.

Patient & Visitor Screening

If you’re looking for a volunteer opportunity in a pediatric hospital, you may want to consider Patient & Visitor Screening. Volunteers in this area provide emotional support for patients and their families while they’re in the hospital. They also liaise between the medical staff and the patient’s family.

As a volunteer, you’ll be interacting with patients and visitors on a daily basis. Your tasks will include welcoming patients and visitors and checking their vitals. You’ll also be checking for fever, recent travel history, and Covid-19 exposures. Volunteers will also provide patients and visitors with masks, and they’ll be asked to practice proper hand hygiene.

If you’re a high school student or an adult, you can apply for a position as a Patient & Visitor Screening volunteer. You’ll be required to complete a volunteer application and undergo training before starting your volunteer work. If you’re a student, apply for the summer student volunteer program (February 1 – April 30) and the college student volunteer program (September 1 – May 30). Volunteers will be placed based on availability and staff requests. Safety is essential in any medical setting, so you’ll be required to complete a safety review test and review information about the hospital and volunteer policies.

Radio Lollipop

Radio Lollipop is a volunteer-run program that brings fun and comfort to sick children in hospitals. It features interactive radio stations, arts and crafts, games, and prizes for children. Volunteers come into patient rooms and play games and sing songs that the kids request. The show also has a contest that the patients can enter to win a prize.

Volunteers can help broadcast the radio show twice a week. Patients call in with requests for their favourite songs or jokes and volunteers can also help them with craft projects. A big part of what Radio Lollipop volunteers do at the hospital is visit the wards to talk to the patients.

To be a part of Radio Lollipop, volunteers must be willing to commit to one year of work. After training, volunteers can become station managers or even take on leadership roles within their assigned teams. Volunteers gain valuable management skills while providing a vital service to sick children. Their contribution will make a difference in the life of an already-ill child.

The Southampton station is currently in need of more volunteers to continue its mission. Volunteers visit children in their wards and bring toys, games, and crafts. Volunteers from the community and students are welcome to join. Radio Lollipop Southampton is also looking for a chairperson, secretary, and treasurer.

Emergency Department

There are many ways to volunteer at a children’s hospital emergency department, including providing emotional support for patients. Volunteers work with clinical staff and families, and also provide general office assistance. Duties include answering phones, filing, and data entry. You may even be asked to help with innovative technology that surveys patients right at the bedside. Volunteers should have strong compassion and be tech-savvy.


If you’re looking for a way to work directly with children, you might consider volunteering in the playroom at a children’ hospital. Volunteers in this area supervise children during inpatient hours and provide meaningful play opportunities for pediatric patients. Their presence helps make the hospital stay less stressful for children and their families. Volunteers may also work by the bedside to help children engage in quiet activities, such as reading a story or painting fingernails.

When you volunteer in the playroom, you’ll be interacting with children of all ages. You’ll also be able to engage with sick children at their bedsides, especially those who cannot get out of bed. When not playing, you’ll also be helping the Child Life Assistant supervisors clean up the playroom and keep toys in top shape. This is a great opportunity for college students or anyone interested in working with children.

If you’re interested in volunteering in the playroom, start by checking with the Children’s Hospital’s volunteer service directory to see when the playroom is open. There are various types of volunteer opportunities available to meet the needs of every child. As a group, you can plan eight volunteer shifts each semester. Individuals can sign up for one shift a semester. You’ll also need to fill out an online application.

Volunteers in the inpatient and clinic playroom at Nationwide Children’s Hospital work closely with staff to help patients and families. You can play with infants or participate in structured activities such as art and reading. Volunteers in this area must also be able to multitask and maintain a high level of energy.

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