How to Pronounce Volunteering Correctly

how to pronounce volunteering

You are looking for the correct pronunciation of volunteering in English. This word is transcribed by following the rules set by the International Phonetic Association. The phoneme buttons are listed along with descriptions. Volunteering occurs in the English language about 5.3 times per million words. It is a study list word at the C2 level of language mastery.


The vocabulary of volunteering includes many different terms that describe the act of volunteering. Generally, volunteering means giving up your time or your skills to a cause that you feel strongly about. People often volunteer because they want to meet new people, gain skills, make contacts for future employment, or for personal growth.

One of the best ways to learn the vocabulary of volunteering is to participate in charity work. The more you volunteer, the more likely you will develop these values throughout your life. For instance, if you’re a soccer mom, volunteering with a soccer club is a great way to instill values of active citizenship in your children. In addition, it helps them develop their sense of identity as an active citizen.


Volunteering is a word that means to do work without payment. The work is usually for a charity or non-profit organization. It is usually spelled with the definite article (-ing). This word has many meanings, but we will look at its singular form. Volunteers perform voluntary tasks in a wide variety of situations. For example, they may help out by erasing chalk from a chalkboard.

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