Graphic Design Volunteer Jobs

graphic design volunteer jobs

If you’re looking for graphic design volunteer jobs, there are several ways to find them. There are organizations like Project 501 that focus on creative volunteer opportunities. There are only a few active projects at any given time, but this nonprofit connects nonprofits with volunteers who want to make a difference. Volunteers working with Project 501 projects typically need to be patient and have a positive attitude in order to be effective. In addition, they must be able to teach non-technical people about the creative process.

Job requirements

Graphic design volunteer jobs involve creating marketing materials and graphics to promote a non-profit organization. These materials include logos, direct mail pieces, and social media graphics. Volunteers need to be proficient in Adobe design applications and have good organizational skills. This type of volunteer job also involves working closely with a team and staying current on trends. This type of position requires a minimum of ten hours a week. Applicants must have a background in graphic design, including a working knowledge of Adobe applications, and be committed to a three-month trial period.

Job description

As a Graphic Design Volunteer, you will design graphics for print, web, and advertising content. Your work will include conceptualizing and reviewing design concepts and layouts, creating graphics for social media and event marketing, and maintaining design files. In addition, you will work closely with the web developer to maintain a consistent look and feel. You will also be provided with initial training and orientation.

The job requires you to be able to use Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, or Photoshop. It also requires you to have good organizational skills, be able to follow instructions, and be a team player. This is an excellent opportunity for those who have an interest in design and advertising, but are not necessarily professional designers.

Job location

Graphic design volunteer positions require creative thinking and technical skills. A good design volunteer should be comfortable conceptualizing designs and working independently to meet deadlines. The position is best suited for someone with a solid understanding of social media, web development and digital content strategy. During their time with Empowered Futures, the volunteer will collaborate closely with a web developer to ensure a consistent look across all of their marketing materials. Volunteers will receive orientation and training from a Project 501 volunteer supervisor.


If you are interested in a volunteer graphic design position, you may be interested in the salaries available in different cities. According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary in Rialto, CA is $53,877 per year, which is $1,046 higher than the national average. The website continuously scans millions of active jobs across America to compile these figures.

You can also look for volunteer graphic design opportunities on SimplyHired. It is a low-stress way to find volunteer graphic design positions. Using this site, you can find hundreds of opportunities from universities to nonprofits in your area. SimplyHired is a website that aims to connect people with volunteer graphic design jobs that match their skills and experience.

Graphic design volunteer jobs typically involve creating content for social media, internet, and marketing materials. Volunteers conceptualize and design designs that are appealing to target audiences and are clear enough to attract attention. They also work with a web developer to ensure a unified look. Orientation and training are provided by the organization.

Graphic design volunteer jobs are available all over the world. These opportunities offer flexible, part-time work, and opportunities to build a portfolio. You may even get to work with nonprofits in a way that improves the local community. You can also use the experience as an opportunity to further your education.

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