Austin Tenants Council: Empowering Renters with Legal Resources and Support

Austin Tenants Council

Austin Tenants Council provides free counseling and advocacy services to tenants in the Greater Austin area. Protect your rights and housing!

Austin Tenants Council is a non-profit organization that has been advocating for tenants’ rights in Austin, Texas for over 45 years. With its mission to educate, empower, and represent tenants, this council has become the go-to resource for tenants facing housing issues. From eviction and repair issues to discrimination and harassment, the Austin Tenants Council offers free counseling and legal services to ensure that tenants’ rights are protected and enforced. Moreover, this organization actively engages with policymakers and stakeholders to bring about positive changes in the rental industry. As a result, the Austin Tenants Council has helped countless renters in Austin to navigate the complex and often unfair rental system. If you’re a tenant in Austin, you cannot afford to ignore the valuable services offered by the Austin Tenants Council.

Austin Tenants Council: Advocating for Tenant Rights

The Austin Tenants Council (ATC) is a nonprofit organization that has been advocating for the rights of tenants in Austin, Texas for over 40 years. The organization’s mission is to educate and empower tenants to assert their rights, and to work with community partners towards a more just and affordable housing system.


History and Founding

The ATC was founded in 1972 by a group of concerned citizens who saw a need for an organization that would advocate for tenants’ rights in Austin. At the time, there were no organizations dedicated solely to tenant advocacy, and landlords had a great deal of power over their renters.

The organization began as a small group of volunteers who provided information and advice to tenants facing eviction, unsafe living conditions, and other issues. Over time, the ATC grew into a full-fledged nonprofit organization with a staff of dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to protect tenants’ rights.

Services Provided

The ATC provides a wide variety of services to tenants in Austin, including:

  • Free counseling and advice on tenant-landlord issues
  • Assistance with filing complaints against landlords
  • Legal representation in housing-related disputes
  • Education and outreach to tenants and community partners
  • Advocacy for better laws and policies to protect tenants’ rights

Impact on the Community

The ATC has had a significant impact on the Austin community over the years. By advocating for tenants’ rights and providing education and resources to renters, the organization has helped to create a more just and equitable housing system in the city.

Thanks to the ATC’s efforts, tenants in Austin now have more protections against eviction, discrimination, and unsafe living conditions. Landlords are held to higher standards of accountability, and tenants are better equipped to assert their rights and defend themselves against unfair treatment.

Challenges and Future Goals

Despite the progress that has been made, there are still many challenges facing tenants in Austin. The city’s rapid growth has led to skyrocketing rents and a shortage of affordable housing, making it difficult for many renters to make ends meet.

The ATC continues to work towards a more just and affordable housing system in Austin. Some of the organization’s future goals include:

  • Advocating for stronger tenant protections at the state and local level
  • Increasing access to affordable housing for low-income renters
  • Providing more education and outreach to underserved communities
  • Expanding legal services for tenants facing eviction or other housing-related issues


How to Get Involved

If you are a tenant in Austin, or if you are interested in supporting the ATC’s mission, there are many ways to get involved. You can:

  • Attend one of the ATC’s educational workshops or events
  • Volunteer your time to help with outreach and advocacy efforts
  • Donate money to support the organization’s work
  • Contact your elected officials to urge them to support stronger tenant protections

By working together, tenants and community partners can help to create a more just and affordable housing system in Austin. The ATC is here to help, every step of the way.


The Austin Tenants Council has been a vital resource for renters in Austin for over 40 years. Its dedicated staff and volunteers have helped countless tenants to assert their rights and defend themselves against unfair treatment by landlords.

Despite the challenges facing renters in Austin, the ATC remains committed to its mission of advocating for tenant rights and creating a more just and affordable housing system. Whether you are a tenant in need of assistance, or a community member who wants to support this important work, there are many ways to get involved with the ATC and make a difference in the lives of renters in Austin.

About Austin Tenants Council: An Overview of its Role and Mission

Austin Tenants Council (ATC) is a non-profit organization that has been working towards ensuring access to safe, decent, and affordable housing for all tenants in Austin, Texas since 1972. ATC offers various services and resources to tenants, including education, advocacy, and support. The organization’s mission is to empower tenants and promote their rights, while also advocating for policies that prioritize affordable housing and fair treatment of tenants.

Services Offered by ATC: What You Need to Know

ATC offers a wide range of services to tenants, including counseling, dispute resolution, and legal representation. The organization also provides workshops and training sessions aimed at improving tenants’ knowledge and skills in various areas related to renting. Some of the services offered by ATC include:

  • Counseling and advice on tenant-landlord issues
  • Assistance with lease agreements and other rental documents
  • Mediation services for disputes between tenants and landlords
  • Legal representation for tenants in certain cases
  • Education and training on tenant rights and responsibilities
  • Information on fair housing laws and regulations

The Importance of Tenant Education: A Key Focus Area for ATC

ATC recognizes the importance of educating tenants on their rights, responsibilities, and best practices for renting. To this end, the organization holds regular workshops and informational sessions on topics such as lease agreements, fair housing, and evictions. By providing tenants with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate the rental process, ATC aims to empower tenants and promote fair treatment.

Advocacy on Behalf of Tenants: A Core Function of ATC

An important aspect of ATC’s work is to advocate on behalf of tenants at the local, state, and national levels. The organization closely monitors policies and regulations related to housing and tenant rights, and actively works towards ensuring that tenants’ voices are heard and considered. By advocating for policies that prioritize affordable housing and fair treatment of tenants, ATC aims to promote a more equitable rental market.

ATC’s Role in Dispute Resolution: Helping Tenants Resolve Issues with their Landlords

One of the key services offered by ATC is dispute resolution. The organization provides mediation services to tenants who are having issues with their landlords, such as disputes over rent or maintenance. ATC’s aim is to help tenants resolve these issues in an amicable and fair manner, without the need for legal action.

Legal Services for Tenants: When Dispute Resolution is Not Enough

If dispute resolution is unsuccessful, ATC can provide legal representation to tenants in certain cases. The organization’s legal team can assist tenants with legal filings, court appearances, and other legal matters related to their tenancy. By providing tenants with legal support, ATC aims to ensure that tenants are able to assert their rights and protect themselves from unfair treatment.

Fair Housing: ATC’s Commitment to Promoting Equal Housing Opportunities

ATC is committed to promoting fair housing and ensuring that all tenants have equal access to housing opportunities. The organization offers resources and assistance to tenants who have experienced discrimination based on race, religion, gender, or other factors. By advocating for fair housing policies and providing support to those who have been discriminated against, ATC aims to promote a more just and equitable rental market.

Resources for Specific Tenant Populations: ATC’s Specialized Services

In addition to its general services, ATC also offers specialized resources and assistance for specific tenant populations, such as seniors, people with disabilities, and low-income families. These resources may include financial assistance, housing counseling, and legal services. By providing specialized support to vulnerable populations, ATC aims to promote greater equity and access to affordable housing.

Volunteer Opportunities with ATC: Ways to Get Involved

ATC offers various volunteer opportunities for individuals who want to get involved with the organization’s work. Volunteers can assist with workshops, help with administrative tasks, or provide support to tenants during dispute resolution or legal proceedings. By volunteering with ATC, individuals can make a meaningful contribution to the organization’s mission of promoting fair treatment and access to affordable housing for all tenants.

How to Contact ATC: Reaching Out for Help and Support

If you are a tenant in the Austin area and need assistance or support, ATC is here to help. The organization can be reached by phone, email, or through its website, and offers free and confidential services to tenants. Whether you need advice on a tenant-landlord issue, assistance with mediation or legal representation, or simply information on your rights as a tenant, ATC is a valuable resource for tenants in the Austin area.

The Austin Tenants Council (ATC) is a non-profit organization that serves to provide information, education, and advocacy for tenants in Austin, Texas. The council was established in 1972 and has since been providing support to renters in the city. Here are some pros and cons of the Austin Tenants Council:


  1. Education and Information: The ATC provides valuable information to tenants about their rights and responsibilities as renters. This includes information about lease agreements, security deposits, repairs, and eviction procedures. The council also offers workshops and training programs for tenants to educate them on how to handle landlord-tenant disputes and other issues.

  2. Advocacy: The ATC advocates for tenant rights and works with policymakers and legislators to promote fair housing policies. The council also assists tenants in filing complaints with government agencies and provides legal referrals to help tenants who need legal representation.

  3. Community Outreach: The ATC works closely with community organizations and local agencies to provide resources and support for low-income families and individuals. The council also partners with other non-profits to provide housing assistance and other services to those in need.

  4. Accessibility: The ATC provides services to tenants regardless of their income level or background. The council offers bilingual services and has staff members who are fluent in Spanish to ensure that all tenants have access to the resources they need.


  1. Limited Resources: The ATC is a small organization with limited resources, which can make it difficult to provide comprehensive services to all tenants in need. The council relies heavily on volunteers and donations to support its operations.

  2. Effectiveness: While the ATC provides valuable resources and support to tenants, some critics argue that the council is not effective enough in advocating for tenant rights. Some tenants have reported feeling frustrated with the slow response times and lack of follow-up from the council.

  3. Political Bias: Some critics have accused the ATC of having a political bias and promoting certain political agendas that may not align with the views of all tenants. This can make it difficult for the council to represent all tenants equally.

Overall, the Austin Tenants Council provides important resources and support to tenants in the city. While there are some limitations and criticisms of the council, its work is essential in promoting fair housing policies and advocating for tenant rights.

Dear Visitors,

It has been a pleasure to share with you about the Austin Tenants Council, an organization dedicated to helping renters in the Austin area. Through its advocacy and educational services, the council serves as a valuable resource for tenants who may be facing difficult housing situations or simply seeking guidance on their rights.

Whether you are new to the Austin area or have lived here for years, the Austin Tenants Council can provide you with the knowledge and support you need to navigate the rental market. From understanding your lease agreement to resolving disputes with landlords, the council’s knowledgeable staff can help you find solutions to a wide range of issues affecting renters.

We encourage you to visit the Austin Tenants Council website to learn more about the services they offer and how you can get involved. By supporting this organization, you can help ensure that renters in our community have access to the information and resources they need to protect their rights and achieve their housing goals.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the Austin Tenants Council. We hope that you will consider supporting this important organization and sharing its message with others in our community.


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People Also Ask about Austin Tenants Council:

  1. What is the Austin Tenants Council?
  2. The Austin Tenants Council (ATC) is a non-profit organization that provides free information, education, and counseling services to tenants in the Austin area. They offer support to tenants who are experiencing housing issues such as discrimination, eviction, and landlord-tenant disputes.

  3. How can the Austin Tenants Council help me?
  4. The ATC can provide you with information on your rights as a tenant, assist you in creating a plan to resolve any housing issues you may be experiencing, and offer legal representation if needed. They also offer education and counseling services to help tenants understand their lease agreements, navigate the eviction process, and more.

  5. Is there a cost for the services provided by the Austin Tenants Council?
  6. No, all services provided by the ATC are free of charge. However, they do accept donations to continue providing their services to the community.

  7. How can I contact the Austin Tenants Council?
  8. You can contact the ATC by phone at (512) 474-1961 or by visiting their website at They also have a physical office located at 1640-B East 2nd Street, Austin, TX 78702.

  9. Can the Austin Tenants Council help with emergency housing situations?
  10. Yes, the ATC has a program called Emergency Housing Assistance which provides short-term rental assistance to eligible tenants who are facing eviction due to unforeseen circumstances such as job loss, illness, or natural disasters.

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