Animal Volunteer Opportunities Near Me

animal volunteer opportunities near me

If you’re looking for animal volunteer opportunities near me, there are several organizations that need help. Some are shelters, others are rescue groups. Volunteers are needed to help save the lives of community cats and homeless pets. Some organizations also need help with events. In NYC, animal shelters are crucial to saving the lives of the community’s homeless pets.


The ASPCA has several volunteer opportunities near you. You can volunteer at the Animal Shelter by feeding the animals, walking them, or helping with adoptions. You can also participate in an education program, which teaches kids about the importance of caring for animals. The ASPCA’s education programs are conducted in schools, community centers, and shelters. Volunteers may also choose to work in the customer service department, filling out paperwork and reviewing it with adopting families. These positions require someone who is good with dogs of all sizes.

Volunteering at the ASPCA can be very rewarding. You can help animals in the shelter or foster pets in your own home. Volunteers may also assist with social media marketing or provide rides to vet appointments. You may also be able to help the ASPCA in its lifesaving centers, where you can provide caregiving on-site. There are also many opportunities for Spanish-speaking volunteers and people who wish to work in community outreach.

Volunteering at the ASPCA requires a solid commitment of time. A typical volunteer will be required to give up a minimum of eight hours per month for six months. The organization has an extensive training program to help its volunteers, so make sure you can commit to a long time frame.

Richmond SPCA

The Richmond SPCA has a variety of animal volunteer opportunities. The Volunteer Program Assistant (VPA) recruits and trains a team of dedicated volunteers to assist with the organization’s lifesaving mission. The VPA also acts as the Volunteers Manager’s assistant and oversees the department on a day-to-day basis. VPAs work a standard work schedule, Tuesday through Saturday, and train new volunteers in animal care, policies, and best practices.

Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue

If you’re interested in animal rescue, consider volunteering at Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue. This all-volunteer network helps dogs in need find loving homes. Founded by Eva Armstrong, BBAR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and a no-kill organization.

Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue offers a variety of volunteer opportunities for people of all ages, skills, and interests. Volunteers provide critical contributions that help shelters survive and thrive. You can help with pet therapy programs, work with dogs in need, or help at events.

The dogs you adopt from Badass have been rescued from high-kill pounds where they would have died. Some of these facilities use inhumane methods to euthanize dogs. Badass works to ensure that these dogs are well cared for and receive heartworm and flea preventative. You can help by volunteering at the shelter or attending one of their weekly adoption events.

Pet Partners Therapy Animal Program

Volunteering with animals can be a rewarding experience for those who want to give back to their communities. As the leading Therapy Animal Organization in the United States, Pet Partners provides standardized training for volunteers in animal assisted therapy and activities. These volunteers interact with a variety of clients, from veterans to seniors with Alzheimer’s disease. Volunteers also have the opportunity to interact with those in recovery, people with literacy challenges, and those nearing the end of life.

As a Pet Partners handler, you will need to be able to keep a professional relationship with other volunteers and the animal you are handling. You will need to be able to guide the interactions with the animal in a respectful manner and ensure the animal’s safety at all times. Once you’ve decided to volunteer with a Pet Partners program, you’ll need to sign up with an email account with a unique address.

As a Pet Partners handler, you’ll also need to complete an online course to become a certified therapy animal handler. You can also sign up for workshops and events to further develop your skills and knowledge about animal handling. You must also go through an evaluation process with Pet Partners to become part of their team. During this process, the team’s skills and aptitude will be assessed. This will determine the kind of visiting environment that best suits the team.

Pet Partners Therapy Animal Program volunteers must be registered in the hospital where they volunteer. They visit patients at the bedside, meet their families in the waiting areas, and reduce staff stress. You can volunteer a therapy animal in various capacities, depending on your skills, the type of animal, and your location.

Pet Partners’ volunteer program has a volunteer center that helps people register for classes. Volunteers must have a veterinary evaluation and a background check before they can volunteer with Pet Partners. The requirements for participating in this program can be found on the organization’s website. You can also check if the organization offers online courses.

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