Adopt a Family Program by Volunteers of America

adopt a family volunteers of america

The Volunteers of America’s Adopt a Family program is a great way to help local families and children in need. The nonprofit works to provide long-term solutions to problems ranging from homelessness to addiction, education, and criminal behavior. Through its Adopt-a-Family program, businesses can help families in need and help the organization provide hope for future generations.

VOACC’s Adopt-A-Family program gives hope to local children and families in need

The VOACC’s Adopt-A Family program connects local children and families in need with community members who are willing to help. Sponsors purchase holiday gifts for the children and provide a special holiday meal for the family. This program has helped thousands of families in the past year. Sponsors also provide hope for the future by helping the children in need.

You can help by making a monetary donation. Checks can be made out to Child & Family Services and written with “Adopt-A-Family” in the memo line. Or, you can mail your contribution to the organization at 844 Delaware Avenue or make an online donation.

It provides long-term solutions to homelessness, poverty, addiction, education and criminal behavior

Community partnerships between law enforcement and religious leaders have proven effective in combating violent gangs and juveniles. These partnerships, often sponsored by Catholic organizations such as Adopt a Family Volunteers of America, partner with local police agencies to create strategies for crime prevention and diversion. By providing supervised recreation, education and outreach to at-risk youth, these organizations send a strong message that criminal activities are unacceptable. Similar initiatives are being developed in cities across the country.

A comprehensive program designed to eliminate family homelessness includes food assistance programs. These include food stamps, free school breakfasts, and lunches, as well as other resources. Other programs focus on benefits advocacy, helping people identify and apply for public benefits and entitlement programs. These services can also help people find low-income energy assistance and childcare assistance. Clients can also receive discharge planning services once they leave a residential setting.

The programs work with law enforcement and nonprofit organizations to provide families with the essential tools to lead productive lives. Adopt a family volunteers of America has helped more than 100,000 families find long-term solutions to problems like addiction, homelessness, and other challenges. Their programs aim to create hope and a sense of belonging. They are also committed to educating children and helping families build strong communities.

Adopt a family volunteers of America helps families overcome the challenges of homelessness and poverty through a combination of housing and social services. By partnering with local public housing authorities, Adopt a Family volunteers of America can provide long-term solutions to homelessness, poverty and addiction.

It helps businesses help families in need

The Adopt A Family program by Volunteers of America helps people in Michigan connect with families in need. This program pairs potential donors with local families and then gathers donated items and delivers them to the families. Businesses and individuals who sponsor the program also provide a special holiday meal and gift for the children.

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