7 Ways to Show Your Love on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to get together and celebrate love—and there are so many more ways to do that than usually associated with the holiday! Love is about expressing compassion, generosity, and kind for everything else. That’s why we’re highlighting 7 ways to volunteer and put that love into action.

1. Plan a Dinner Date

They say the way to the heart is through the stomach, right? This February 14th, skip the crowded restaurants and pricey three-course meals. Instead, choose to serve food made with love to those who need it. Look for opportunity to fight hunger at your local food bank, soup kitchen, or homeless shelter Chapter Food on Wheels.

2. Send Cards Or Care Packages

For those who can’t spend the day with loved ones, receiving a handmade card or a thoughtful care package can be uplifting. Consider reaching around hospice or hospital to see if you can send some cards or tokens of love and support to their clients. Or try a support organization deployed military membersuch as United Service Organizations (USO).

3. Find Puppy Love

Animals need love too! Show how much you care about our furry, furry, and scaly friends by contacting an animal shelter near you to see how you can donate your time. Or, if you can afford it, register as a foster parent and provide loving homes for pets in need.

4. Let Love Grow

Skip the bouquet and plant flowers instead! Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show affection to Mother Earth by participating in habitat restoration, tree planting, or beach cleaning projects.

5. Care for Those in a Crisis

Love often means being there during difficult times. Save lives by volunteering support those in crisis. Many organizations, eg Crisis Text Lineit even allows you to volunteer from your own home.

6. Serve With Those You Love

While it’s obvious that volunteering is a great way to spread the love on Valentine’s Day, sharing experiences with your loved ones makes it even sweeter. Find a opportunity for the whole gang get involved.

7. Say “I do…” to your perfect match

The perfect volunteer role for you is waiting out there. Lead to VolunteerMatch.org to find your match. Then commit to giving back to your community and sharing the love all year round!

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