5 Social Impact Trends to Use During Global Volunteer Month

As Global Volunteer Month As April approaches, you can start preparing by keeping an eye on current social impact trends and leveraging your knowledge to equip your team with the tools, resources, and opportunities they need to make the month a success.

Here are some of the current trends in the world Corporate social responsibility to consider as you plan your Global Volunteer Month initiative.

SSocial Impact Trends For Global Volunteer Month

Virtual Volunteers

It’s no secret that the workplace environment has changed drastically over the past few years during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. While multiple teams once gathered in one central location, now there are individuals scattered across a vast virtual landscape. These same adjustments have been made in the world of social goods, and there are more virtual volunteering opportunities than ever before.

According to a 2020 survey by The Non-Profit Technology Network (NTEN), 44% of nonprofits reported an increase in virtual volunteering due to COVID-19. To find the perfect virtual volunteer opportunity for your team, see Points of Light’s Engage platform, featuring hundreds of thousands of volunteer opportunities around the world just waiting for the right volunteer to reach out.

Cause-Based Campaigns

People nowadays expect more from social impact endeavors. They want to see nonprofits step forward to solve real-world problems that affect them, their loved ones, and their communities in real ways. Companies that align their volunteer efforts with their mission and values ​​will go further than those that don’t. In addition, employees who participate in social impact programs often become more involved in their work. A study by SAP showed $40 million in revenue fluctuations when employee engagement increased or decreased by just 1%.

A study by Cone Communication found that 87% of consumers expect companies to take a stand on social and environmental issues. Use this knowledge to your advantage by focusing your Global Volunteer Month efforts on current issues of interest to your employees. Giving your workforce the opportunity to respond to these concerns through meaningful volunteering campaigns will benefit your company, your employees, and the individuals you serve.

Employee-led initiatives

Employees take the lead in creating volunteer opportunities and organizing community events. One of the greatest benefits of social impact initiatives – apart from making the world a better place – is the opportunity for your volunteer employees to improve their leadership, planning and organizational skills.

The same study by Cone Communication found that 92% of employees believe it is important for their company to support social and environmental issues. Start planning your Global Volunteer Month initiative by asking your workforce what issues they are most passionate about, see where the interests lie and allow individuals to organize and lead events related to those issues.

Skill-Based Volunteering

Based on True Impact Research, volunteers engaged in activities designed to enhance professional skills generate significantly more value across nearly all social, employee and business categories. Skills-based volunteers are significantly more likely than active traditional volunteers to increase the capacity of the nonprofits they serve.

Providing employees with the opportunity to do pro bono professional work with nonprofits helps volunteers improve their managerial skills and develop their expertise in new subject matter. The True Impact study shows that skill-based volunteers serve an average of 25 hours, compared to 12 hours for traditional volunteers. Consider this when you are deciding what type of volunteering opportunities you can offer your workforce.

Collaboration with Regional Organizations

While volunteering with any type of mission can help the world be better, individuals tend to be more affected by volunteer opportunities where they can observe the fruits of their labor. And it goes without saying that most people interested in social impact are passionate about making changes in their own backyard.

Collaborating with local nonprofits can help increase employee engagement and can also help your company gain brand recognition and a positive reputation in your community – where your employees and customers live.

Take advantage of the Global Points of Light Volunteer Month Tool

Whether you’re leading responsibilities in your CSR department or trying to organize events for Global Volunteer Month, you can use Points of Light’s resources for knowledge and inspiration. We Global Volunteer Month Toolkit for companies specifically designed for enterprises – including ideas and resources to help you highlight your company volunteering programs by recognizing the impact your employees make in the communities you serve.

And if you need help expanding or improving your CSR or employee engagement programs, you can contact Points of Light’s Enterprise Services and Solutions team. We’re here to help you increase your impact with best-in-class tools, frameworks, and custom support.

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